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Truck Inspection Tips to Help You Avoid Repairs on the Road

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Driving a truck for a living is not easy. It requires a great deal of skill and know-how to keep yourself, your cargo and those around you safe. One important step for doing that is inspecting your truck every time you are getting ready to hit the road.

Here are just a few of the things truck drivers should always check out before putting the truck into drive.

1. Fluid Levels

Look at all the varius fluid levels – oil, fuel, power steering, coolant and more. Also inspect around the truck to spot any potential leaks to save time and money from having to call a breakdown service.

2. Engine

Examine the engine block to see if there are any signs of leaks, cracks or frayed wires. You should also start your truck up a few times in the days leading up to a road trip to make sure it’s running properly.

3. Tires

While it’s almost impossible to predict when a tire will blow, you can decrease the chances by taking a close look at the condition of each of your tires before you hit the road.

4. Brakes and Brake Pads

Be sure also to check out the brakes on your truck and see if the brake pads need to be replaced.

5. Body

While a little bit of wear and tear to the truck body isn’t much of a concern, unexplained dents and other blemishes could have an underlying cause. Inspecting the body of your truck for any signs of damage before heading out and throughout your trip is a smart preventive maintenance.

6. Check Weather Reports

Always check the weather before starting your trip – keep an eye on changing conditions and fluctuating temperatures while on the road. Knowing what to expect will help you take whatever precautions you need for bad weather driving.

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