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Moving on from COVID-19

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

The changes that are seen in the trucking industry

Many trucking companies have adopted paperless driver bill of ladings, and virtual orientation and onboarding processes to eliminate in-person interactions during the pandemic. But will trucking continue to focus on more virtual workflows moving forward?

One year ago, it was nearly impossible to imagine the scope that the COVID-19 pandemic would have on global supply chains and commercial trucking. However, the industry as a whole has been able to forge ahead by finding the silver linings and continuing to focus on innovation.

Many trucking companies have quickly adopted paperless driver bill of ladings, virtual orientation and onboarding processes, and eliminated many in-person interactions to help drivers and back-office staff stay safe amid the pandemic. The pandemic has also shown the need for more access to safe truck driver parking across the nation.

The pandemic caused all people to be able to work from home 24/7. What this means is that sometimes you hear babies crying, dogs barking, but your dispatcher and safety are more likely to be accessible by phone at random times then when they were in the office for a normal 8 to 5 work day. Having virtually 100% of office staff able to work from home allows for better response times in crucial situations.

What we have learned is that our drivers are invaluable, and they are in need of us every day. Drivers no longer get to sit and chat in truck stops with one another and share their experiences; they’re staying in their trucks. Now, they are calling office staff and telling them what’s going on out there on the road and discussing what they see.

Fundamental changes

The supply chain—and the country as a whole—are recognizing the need to focus on truck drivers. Some of the positive impacts that could come out of this are less detention time and better treatment for drivers at the customer facilities.

With so many Americans unemployed, this is an opportunity to promote trucking as an industry that is sustainable when it comes to job security.

The way consumers want and expect to receive goods will ultimately impact manufacturers, distributors, and everyone throughout the supply chain.

While we as a society are becoming more high-tech, we also need and must focus on staying high-touch as well and that is where strong relationships come into play. If you have a strong relationship with your team, your drivers, your dispatchers, your brokers, you became more competitive and gain knowledge from sources you did not consider before.

Transportation is a people-centered business and this has been highlighted in a time of crisis

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