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Different Types of Vehicle Signage that Will Grow Your Business

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The perfect business signage can really help your business take off.

Cohesive company signage helps with brand building and highlights the most popular products and services that generate the most margins.

Vehicle signage can help your business flourish. This article covers the different types of vehicle wraps and how your company can benefit from each type to become successful.

Vehicle Graphics

You can put up graphics on your company vehicle to promote your business. Vehicle graphics are a type of mobile advertising that effectively promotes your brand.

Vehicle advertising ranges in style and technique. You could install a sophisticated yet eye-catching graphic with your business slogans and contact details on a large body section of your company vehicle. Alternatively, you might simply include your business name and contact details on the side of your automobile.

While your vehicle is on the move, take that opportunity to advertise your business and brand. This marketing approach is effective in reaching out to a wider audience across your local area. The graphics range from vehicle wraps to magnets.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), Americans spend about 17,600 minutes driving every year. You can take advantage of this time your target audience spends in a vehicle and use your vehicle as a wheeled billboard. The number of eyes that view your advertising will increase as your vehicle’s mileage adds up.

Types of Vehicle Signage/ Graphics

The different marketing techniques you can implement on your company vehicle include:


Decals vary in size to suit different marketing messages.

A school that offers multiple services (such as athletics, education, clubs, etc.) does not necessarily have to include its contact information because you are promoting the entire brand as a product. The school can simply promote its title and idea on a vehicle.

A company, however, can include its name and logo, services it offers, and contact details – phone number, website, and email – on the vehicle decal.

Decals readily provide go-to details about a brand, product, or service. They eliminate the need for a customer to memorize a brand name for further research later.


Small businesses with just one or a few vehicles can use magnets to promote their products and services. The adaptable nature of magnets makes them suitable to advertise small businesses effectively.

Vehicle magnets are removable, allowing business owners to attach information and remove it as necessary. You can stick the magnet on your personal vehicle while running errands around town to promote your brand and then remove it later.

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