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Five Characteristics of Successful Truck Driver Recruiting

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

What does it take to be successful with your truck driver recruiting efforts?

Drivers are always in high demand, but the need for quality drivers is becoming even more imperative now as the demand on freight continues to rise. Fleets have started buying more trucks to keep up that growing demand. So, what does an increase in freight demand and truck sales mean for driver recruiting? The strain on the trucking industry is growing because of the increased demand. Couple that with fleets beginning to buy more rigs and one thing becomes clear. As the competition continues to ramp up for quality drivers, fleets and their recruiting partners will need to be efficient and effective to successfully land the drivers they need.

1. Make sure your fleet stands out from the rest.

Over the years fleets have experimented with various ways to attract and keep drivers on the road. At this point, generally speaking, most drivers are constantly on the lookout for a better or more attractive offer from other fleets. This means that even when a fleet has secured a new driver, they still have to do everything they can to keep them. The key is for your fleet to be different. You just have to know what makes your fleet different and special when compared to everyone else.

Stand Out By Having: New or Preferred Equipment

Drivers have quirks and preferences just like everyone else. Some only want to be behind the wheel of a certain brand or refuse to drive anything but the newest rigs. Others are more influenced by creature comforts like better seats or larger sleeper cabs. All of these can be used to entice new drivers and keep current drivers happy. If you have newer, more comfortable, or more popular rigs than your competitors make sure to use that to your advantage. It may not seem like a very big distinction to us, but drivers spend a huge chunk of their lives on the road, so something as simple as a nice riding seat or bigger bed can make all the difference in the world and be a big factor in their final decision.

Stand Out By Being: PET Friendly

Being on the road can get lonely. Many drivers have taken to bringing their furry companions with them. Some fleets allow this, while others do not. If you happen to be a pet friendly fleet that could be a major asset. Regardless of all the other perks or pay you offer, the ability to bring their pet could be what puts you over the top.

More Time at Home

This one is pretty simple. Almost to the man, drivers always want more time at home. More time with family, friends, and loved ones. Who can blame them? Unfortunately with the unique demands of professional truck driving that’s not always possible. However, if your routing or fleet configuration does allow for more time off the road it could be the deciding factor for a prospective driver. These are just a few potential areas your recruiting could focus on to help give you the edge over your competition. In the end no two fleets are exactly alike. Use that to your advantage. Never blend in with the crowd. What do you do differently and better than anyone else? Know what it is, and use it..

2. Maintain high engagement levels with prospective drivers throughout the recruiting process.

No matter what point you are at in the recruiting process, maintaining a high engagement level with prospective drivers is crucial. Recruiters can’t drag their feet or sit on leads for too long. Making initial contact in a timely manner after the lead is gained is extremely important. However, it doesn’t end after initial contact is made. Recruiters must make contact in regular intervals to make sure all questions or concerns have been answered or addressed. Continue moving the prospect along from initial contact, orientation, hiring, and finally getting them out on the road. Low engagement or long periods of time between contact can hinder this process and ultimately cost you a driver.

3. Prioritize high quality prospective drivers.

Recruiters can’t fall into the trap of simply going through the motions with their

efforts. Simply calling the next name on the list is not the best way to secure quality drivers. Over time and through each interaction recruiters must take note of and

gauge the interest level of prospects. Wasting valuable time, energy, and effort on drivers who show little interest and engagement must be avoided. Sorting through leads and finding drivers that meet fleet standards or qualifications, and focusing on those that show genuine interest and maintain engagement over time can be an easy way to secure qualified drivers for the fleet.

4. Recruiters must be informative, but not overwhelming to potential drivers.

However, information overload and overwhelming prospects with too much too quickly isn’t limited to landing pages. This is something recruiters run into time and time again. At times it can be difficult to know just how much information to share. It’s not about keeping information from drivers, because making sure a driver is well informed and

knowledgeable about a fleet’s practices or policies is of vital importance. The real issue is making sure not overwhelm them by giving them too much

information all at one time.

5. Accurately track all leads by source or channel.

Tracking lead sources helps not only eliminate waste and inform you of what’s working, but it can also guide your recruiting processes moving forward. Maintaining accurate tracking allows recruiters to track trends based on which channels are performing best. This allows them to focus on prospects with a higher chance of converting and to avoid wasting valuable time and effort on a low percentage prospect.

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