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"Our duty as professionals, who understand the regulations, is to share our knowledge and experience with you!"

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Meet Our Team

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Nataly Stoyanova

Founder and CEO of CellEx

"Tantum possumus, quantum scimus"


Tzvetomira Kondeva

Office Manager &

 Permits Specialist

Joanna Zabunova

HOS Specialist &

HOS Department Manager


Karl Stone

Former FMCSA Investigator

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Evelina Petrov

Marketing Director &

Safety Lane Editor

Vesela Yordanova

Accounts Manager


Keti Dotseva

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Pavel Hadzhiev

Safety Lane Editor

Agniezka Nanev

Regulatory Compliance Specialist


Margarita Dimitrova

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Nadiia Lenyk

HOS Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Zoriana Kuzyk

HOS Regulatory Compliance Specialist

"We are here to help you drive change.
Together we will shape the future!"

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I am not a journalist, and the idea behind this magazine is not to give you the hottest gossip. I am a transportation safety specialist with many years of experience in the industry, who though a magazine like this will be beneficial for our community. Throughout the years I’ve learned that knowledge is not based on education alone. Despite my many years of education, I discovered that the best way to learn is from others’ mistakes and experiences. Working as a consultant at CellEx Consulting Group has given me the opportunity to face many challenges. To represent different companies at thousands of DOT and FMCSA compliance Audits, to work with numerous attorneys, and to learn from the best in the industry. I have created Cellex Consulting Group with the idea of helping the small fleets face all the different day to day obstacles that this industry brings. With time the demand for my services grew so much that I needed to expand and create a team of professionals that would help me with the many clients calling our office. Right now, my team consist of 12 highly motivated professionals who understand this industry from the inside out and are ready to assist you in finding the best solution for your transportation company. Big or small, all fleets face similar challenges and we are prepared and equipped with the right resources and connections to find all the right answers for your needs. Understanding the CVSA, FMCSA, DOT and State regulations is never an easy task -- We are here to help, by giving you not the definitions of things, but the explanations. We have consultants with over 20 years of experience and former Federal DOT Investigators. We specialize in DOT/FMCSA compliance, Audits and Penalty Negotiations. 

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