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Lawmaker Warns Truckers are in “Imminent Danger,” Calls on FMCSA to Suspend H.O.S.

Jefferson City, MO – Truckers continue to face unprecedented dangers amid the recent widespread social uprisings and at least one lawmaker is speaking up and demanding action.

Missouri State Representative Mike Moon is calling on United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) Secretary Elaine Chao and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to immediately suspend hours of service (HOS) regulations for all “freight haulers.”
In a letter dated June 23 to Missouri Governor Mike Parson, Rep. Moon expresses his deep concern for truckers’ safety. “Violent protests threaten the disruption of American lives and commerce,” he writes. “Specifically, individuals who transport goods across the country have been threatened and/or met with violence. Because of the increased risks, truckers must be afforded every opportunity to travel safely and deliver their load(s) to the intended destination.” Rep. Moon further explains, “Often, the safest route is not the quickest (or direct) one. Unfortunately, due to the restrictive HOS requirement (included as part of the ELD – Electronic Logging Device Mandate), drivers are not afforded the ability to re-route their trip because the trip clock may not allow sufficient time for extended travel.”
The State Representative argues the “inability to choose the safest route places drivers in imminent danger of assault, injury and or death, potential loss of freight, and damage to their vehicles.”

He urges Gov. Parson to contact Sec. Chao and “request an immediate HOS exemption.”
Rep. Moon’s call for action comes as reports continue to surface of truckers being targeted in cities across America.

The most recent came last week when a local crime blotter in Minneapolis, MN reported group of four males were “attacking trucks and trying to get truck drivers out of vehicles.”

Violent crime is spiking in many major U.S. cities as Transportation Nation Network (TNN) reported over the weekend.

A growing number of truckers are expressing safety concerns and are choosing to stay home until the threats can be quelled.



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